Stenersen Frame Gauge

The Stenersen Frame Gauge® is a precision instrument designed to:

  • Accurately measure and pre-mark the horizontal centre line (datum line) of a spectacle frame
  • Check and verify seg heights and centres
  • Gauge screw threads, lengths and head sizes
  • Measure the lengths of temples including curl sides
  • Gauge the width of a temple hinge charnier
  • Measure the width of a temple
  • Measure the pantoscopic angle of a frame

The Stenersen Frame Gauge® is designed for exactness, simplicity and ease of use when measuring and/or verifying these important measurements.  It is manufactured from aircraft quality aluminium and hardened by anodizing for long life durability to provide years of precise and trouble-free service.

Essential for accurately measuring and verifying progressive and multifocal lens centres.  There is no skewing or racking of the parallel jaws because of the precision mechanism made for this instrument.

The monocular PD lines and vertical graduations on the sliding plate allow for easy markings of PD’s and heights for bifocals, aspherical and progressives lenses.  It also makes verification of bifocal, trifocal, progressive occupational and aspheric heights simple and accurate.

These benefits make the Stenersen Frame Gauge® a perfect professional companion for use by the Optometrist, Dispensing Optician, Optical Mechanic/Technician and trainees.