Near Reading Test Card - N5 Bottom

Near reading cards to test near vision come in a variety of sizes and formats. They need to meet a specific Standard and should not be used as a test of a person’s reading ability or as an English test.

The text used is interesting and in a modern prose form. It is not designed to test reading skill but rather to present an easy and neutral clinical test in accordance with the recommendation of the Faculty of Ophthalmologists, London. The isolated test words will suit a wide range of patients with different reading abilities - including children.

Letter sizes on one side:
N5, N6, N8, N10, N12, N14, N18, N24, N26, N48

The reverse side of the card are examples of:

  • A part of a page from The Telephone Book
  • Reduced Snellen equivalent
  • Line of music score
  • Computer worksheet
  • Technical Drawing
  • Street Map

Alternative Type
Traditionally, the small N5 size print has been located at the top of the card.
To make the reading test easier through bifocal and progressive lenses, this card has the letter sizes printed in reverse order so the small N5 size print is at the bottom of the page.

The Royal College of Ophthalmologists - London 
The New Zealand Ophthalmological Society of N.Z. 
The New Zealand Association of Optometrists 
The Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists

Laminated Covering:
The card is laminated in a non-reflective plastic for card surface protection.

Overall measurement: 303mm x 185mm

Product Reference:
EYRCN5B - Near Reading Card, Small N5 text at bottom, non-reflective lamination