Eye Patches

Eyeline has a large range of eye patches that will be suitable for most eye conditions and needs.

There are many styles of eye patches that match many eye problems.  That means there is no universal one style fits all.

When selecting an eye patch these considerations should be taken into account:

  1. Age of the wearer
  2. Type of patch i.e. attached to frame or elastic e.g. pirate
  3. Adult or Child
  4. Male or female
  5. Environment considerations i.e. activities, schooling, sedentary, requiring ventilation, wet or dry, static air movement or none etc.
  6. Permanent or removable,
  7. Degree of occlusion required, i.e. blur to complete light occlusion
  8. Required for eye training, medical or cosmetic need
  9. Size
  10. Colour

Samples of the many eye patches are available from Eyeline Optical.

For pictures and a full description of patches: