Safemate Hazardous Material Side Shields

The SAFEMATE® B-22+ MHS® SHIELD Compliments the Safety Optical B-52+® and B-26+® line of Universal Sideshields. The B-22 MHS® Multi-Hazard-Shield® utilizes pliable FDA Medical Grade Polymers that provide expanded coverage, protection and comfort for extended wear in the Medical, Personal and Industrial Hazard Environments.

Narrow frames demand additional side and frontal coverage. The B-22+® Auto adjusts to fit any frame shape (small, medium or large) while self-adapting to unique individual facial features. Available in clear, smoke, ice blue, amber and ebony. Independent Lab tested, ANSI Z-87.1 and OSHA Compliant.

Product Reference:

SOSB22-A - Amber

SOSB22-B - Black

SOSB22-C - Clear

SOSB22-G - Grey

SOSB22-I - Ice Blue

Fitting instruction and general information: